Muscle loss

What is muscle loss?

Muscle loss, known as sarcopenia or muscle wasting, occurs when muscle fibers break down and mass and strength decline more rapidly than normal aging. It begins for most around age 30, with up to 3-8% loss per decade. After 50 yrs old, this can accelerate to 15% or more lost per decade.

Causes include:

Muscle loss matters as it leads to frailty, loss of mobility and independence. Prevention is key. Exercise with resistance training builds muscle. Get at least 30g protein several times daily. Stay active with both cardio and weights 2-3 times a week.

Supplementing key hormones like testosterone and growth hormone under doctor guidance can help too. At Optimized Hormones, we offer evidence-based hormone treatments tailored to your needs with regular follow up to slow or reverse muscle loss.

Symptoms include:

Diagnosis involves:

To summarize - muscle loss is common but often preventable. Focus on exercise, protein intake, an active lifestyle. Consider checking hormones like testosterone. And don't hesitate to ask us about safe, customized treatment plans!

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