What is irritability?

Irritability is defined as an emotional state characterized by being easily annoyed or made angry. It refers to feelings of restlessness, aggression, and discontent in response to small provocations that may not warrant such reactions.

Some key signs and symptoms of irritability include:

Irritability can be caused by a variety of factors, such as:

If you struggle with ongoing irritability, seeing a doctor is advisable, as they can check for any underlying physical or mental health issues. A blood test by Optimized Hormones can determine if hormonal imbalances might be a factor driving irritability.

In milder cases, lifestyle measures can help improve irritability:

With professional help and self-care, irritability can often be relieved substantially. Don't hesitate to reach out for support if irritability persists despite your best efforts to manage it solo using the above tips. Everyone experiences irritability at times - but when it occurs frequently or severely and impacts daily life functioning or relationships, taking action is wise. Stay patient with yourself and know that you don't have to tackle irritability alone.

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